The Music Of The Song – SATB (w/ piano)



Shawnee Press  A7792

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Beautiful music and a poetic text. Terry York is a writer with tremendous insight into matters of the spirit, and this new lyric richly set by David Schwoebel is a fine example. From hushed whispers to dramatic crescendos of sound, the music cradles this profound text in a true duet of mind and heart. This piece is traditional, but with a touch of the contemporary, making it useful to many different churches. The Music of the Song is superb!

Song Of A Pilgrim – SATB (w/piano)



H.W. Gray  GCMR-9611     OUT OF PRINT
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We Sing Together – SATB (w/Piano)



Lorenz 10/2307L
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When the Servant Sings – SATB (w/piano)



Shawnee Press

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Trust In The Lord – SATB (w/piano)



Hinshaw Music HMC1528
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