My Faith Has Found a Resting Place – TTBB (w/piano)



Hinshaw Music   HMC2009

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My Faith Has Found a Resting Place – SATB (w/piano)



Hinshaw Music   HMC1337

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The Music Of The Song – SATB (w/ piano)



Shawnee Press  A7792

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Beautiful music and a poetic text. Terry York is a writer with tremendous insight into matters of the spirit, and this new lyric richly set by David Schwoebel is a fine example. From hushed whispers to dramatic crescendos of sound, the music cradles this profound text in a true duet of mind and heart. This piece is traditional, but with a touch of the contemporary, making it useful to many different churches. The Music of the Song is superb!

Come, Spirit, Come Help Us – SATB (w/piano)



Shawnee Press   A7955
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Christ, of All My Hopes – SATB (w/piano)



Hinshaw Music  HMC 1781
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Ascription of Praise – SATB (w/piano)



Hinshaw Music  HMC615
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My Jesus, I Love Thee – SATB (w/piano)



MorningStar Music 50-6400
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“My Jesus, I Love Thee” combines easy SATB choral lines and rich, sonorous piano accompaniment figures to create a moving musical experience. The beloved text, coupled with the familiar Gordon hymn tune, has never shined with such serenity or convicted passion as in this “must have” setting.

Channels Only of Your Power – SATB (w/piano)



GlorySound A6877 OUT OF PRINT
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